I am the former animal welfare editor for The Huffington Post. Now I write about animals for a variety of publications, including The Today Show's website, The Washington Post, The Dodo, The American Bar Association Journal, Creative Loafing, and others. 

My aim is to tell stories that help make this a better world for animals.

My stories attract a lot of reader engagement - an editor once told me that a piece I'd written had gotten more clicks and shares than Beyonce's baby announcement, if you can believe it. (Believe it; I don't lie about things like this.) 

And not to get all resume-ish here, but these pieces have a measurable positive impact, too. My stories lead to animals getting adopted, folks donating to shelters and rescues, shelters implementing creative new programs and practices, and increased public awareness of important legal and policy issues.


I've written many hundreds of stories and it's hard to pick just a few favorites. 

But since I must, here you are:

HuffPost: We Borrowed a Shelter Dog to Go Hiking. You Can — And Totally Should — Too

TODAY.com: Couple creates humongous bed so they can sleep comfortably with 8 rescue dogs

The Dodo: Woman Takes Home Dying Shelter Dog So She'll Know What It's Like To Be Loved

The Washington Post: Millions of dogs need homes. Why is it sometimes hard to adopt one?

HuffPost: Meet The Man Who Turned His Home Into A Haven For 2 Dozen Rescued Pigs

The Dodo: Pit Bull Who’s Obsessed With Cats Gets His Own Litter Of Kittens

Slate: Montreal Shouldn’t Ban Pit Bulls

HuffPost: This Landlord Will ONLY Rent To People With Big Dogs (Especially Pit Bulls)

The Washington Post: A seafood company killed a lobster — and was convicted of animal cruelty

HuffPost: Shelter Goes For Radical Honesty In Adoption Ad For ‘Terrible’ Chihuahua

TODAY.com: 'Grateful' dog snuggles new mom who rescued him from shelter

BarkPost: NFL Player Walks Into Animal Shelter, Asks To Adopt A “Dog That’s Been Here A Long Time”

BarkPost: Arizona Has Become The 20th State To Ban Discrimination Against Pit Bulls

HuffPost: Old Shelter Dogs Will Spend Their Last Years In Loving Homes Thanks To This Incredible Program

ABA Journal: Courts are awarding significant damages to families whose dogs are killed by police

HuffPost: Can We All Just Agree It’s Time To Treat Pigs Better?

HuffPost: These Dogs Were Rescued Out Of Fighting. They Became The Happiest, Most Inspiring Pets Alive

TODAY.com: Family adopts senior dog, discovers she has cancer — so they did something amazing

TODAY.com: Meet the woman who refused to abandon 20 dogs to Harvey devastation

HuffPost: Cat Burned In House Fire Offers Support, Snuggles To Other Animals At Veterinary Hospital

(^ That story above, the one about the cat recovering from serious burns, has one of my favorite quotes in it. A vet tech described Russell the cat as offering hope because of "him being such a little cat of perseverance.”)

HuffPost: 16 Reasons Why Fostering A Shelter Pet Is Basically The Best Thing In The World

I could go on and on, and on some more, I'm afraid. I've been writing 3-7 animal stories per week basically for years now.

You can see much more of my work here: https://muckrack.com/arin-greenwood

Feel free to reach out at aringreenwood at gmail.com, or on Facebook or Twitter